Infant Childcare

Infant Class: 6 Weeks - 1yr or walking

Hinesville Childcare we strive to understand the unique and growing needs of each individual baby.

  • Strong focus on nurturing for baby's healthy development
  • Babies are held for feedings
  • Individual feeding plans and sleeping schedules for each baby
  • Aligned with state's guideline's for Healthy Child Development & Care
  • Daily documentation of infant's feeding, diapering, and napping

Our infant program is designed to meet the individual needs of your baby. We understand that all infants develop at various rates and stages. We pride ourselves in having kind, loving, and nurturing caregivers.

Parents are responsible for providing an updated detailed schedule for their baby's activities including eating, sleeping, diaper changing, and any other special instructions.

Every morning our teachers will check with you to see how your evening and morning has been, when your baby has eaten last, slept and been changed. This constant communication ensures a smooth transition from home to our care.

Each evening you may view the documentation of all meal times, diaper changes, and nap times. It is our goal to provide consistency between our care and home.

Weekly lesson plans and menus are placed on our parent information board for you to view.

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