Summer Camp

Hinesville Childcare offers a Summer Camp Program for children who have completed the Pre-k program and older. Our summer camp is jam-packed with exciting and educational programs to keep your child engaged all summer long. Your child will have the opportunity to go on a field trip every day of their summer vacation. Our trips include activities such as swimming, going to the movies, indoor playgrounds, parks, fishing, bowling, skating, putt-putt golf, visiting historical forts, museums, animal conservations, Turtle refuge, walking on the beach, touring a candy shop, Vacation Bible School, and visiting a water park

Along with all the exciting field trips, your child will also be allowed to participate in a summer reading program our public library facilitates. This program encourages children to read during the summer. It tracks and gives awards at the end of the summer for all books your child has read. Each day children will have the opportunity to read their books during a special quiet time, set aside for this activity.

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