Toddler Care

Toddler Room

We offer two toddler classrooms here at Hinesville Childcare:

Waddler class: 18 months - 2 yrs of Age

Two year old class: 2 yrs of Age - 3yrs of Age

Each classroom provides your child with stimulating surroundings and plenty of loving attention. Your child will enjoy the comfort of his/her own personalized cot for napping and a cubby to store their personal belongings.

Our highly trained teachers encourage healthy eating habits and self-help skills during our two scheduled meal times and our snack time. Our classrooms are designed to develop social skills and help your child learn about his/her environment.

Our Classroom Environment

Toddlers are exploring and challenging their newly found mobility. Our Classrooms are designed to encourage and promote this curiosity. Our classrooms are arranged with Centers that encourage your child's creativity, exploration of his/her world, and imagination in mind.

During the day your child will have the opportunity to participate in Circle Time, learning about weather and the days of the week. Counting, the alphabet, colors, singing, finger plays, along with Spanish are also important components of circle time. Each Toddler is encouraged to participate in gross motor activities and complete an art project each day. Our highly trained teachers plan age appropriate language and literacy group activities and math and science exploration time. We make learning fun and enjoyable.

Once your child is in our Two year old class our staff will begin working with you on potty training when you feel your child is ready.

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